Customer Service

Helping Members Get Maximum Value From Their Benefits

No one understands member needs like Adroit Health Group. Our relentless pursuit of ensuring members enjoy the maximum value and benefit from their health care investment with us sets us apart from the competition. This group of dedicated, genuinely helpful and knowledgeable professionals work with our members to answer each question and address any concerns on the first call.

We continually align staffing levels with the number of members we support to make sure members are helped promptly and fully without being rushed. Our Customer Service team focuses on educating members so they understand and can take full advantage of the benefits and affiliated programs available to them. Representatives also answer questions and resolve issues relating specifically to their health care benefits package.

Adroit Health Group also invests heavily in training, enabling team members to learn the best techniques for resolving customer questions quickly, as well as the details of each plan.

Get To Know Our Customer Service Team

We understand the importance of ongoing support for our members. That’s why we prioritize providing personalized, professional and responsive service throughout the year. So you can get to know them a little better, we’re introducing you to one of our outstanding team of representatives each month.

You’ll find a bit of information about them, their customer service experience, and what members who have worked with them have to say about them. We think you’ll find our representatives to be some of the best in the industry.

From Angela Martin

Daniel was so great! I needed a lot of help and he was patient and kind. He took the time to answer all of my questions without being curt or short, or being condescending like a lot of customer service departments. Daniel made me feel safe and comfortable.

Customer Service Representative

From Donovan J.

I really appreciate all the help she gave me. Keara was very efficient and professional! I wanted to make sure she received a commendation.

Customer Service Representative

From Shawn H.

I want to give Quiana kudos for the fantastic job she did with educating me about the plan I purchased. Quiana deserves the highest recognition possible for her outstanding Customer Service.

Customer Service Representative